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Protect Your Home with Our Doors & Windows

Windows and doors keep out intruders while allowing easy access and views of the world around you. At Delcan Building Materials Ltd. in Fort Macleod, Alberta, we stock the finest residential and commercial doors, and all-weather windows to keep your safe, comfortable, and ensure easy operation.

DelPro PVC No-Rot Door
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DelPro Stainless Steel Door
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Our PVC and Steel Doors are made of the highest quality materials and deliver unequalled longevity, curb appeal and less maintenance, saving you money in the long term.  When you need a durable and reliable interior or exterior door, there are no substitutes.

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Prioritizing comfort. Lowering costs. Reducing environmental impact. Specializing in beautifully-crafted windows, AWW provides energy efficient, sustainable and weather-resistant solutions to Canadian homeowners, builders, dealers and contractors.

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